UK Farmers Find Biotechnology Good

When in 2005, farmers had brought ninety million hectares under GM crop, five European countries were also party to it. Though the U.K government feels that there is no scientific finding which calls for blanket ban on GM crops still GM crop is not being grown on a commercial scale in the country. Now the farmers of the country want that they would like to reap the benefits of biotechnology and grow these crops on their farmland. These farmers have realized that these crops offer them higher productivity. The confidence of the farmers in this technology can be judged from this statement of Bob Fiddaman who said: We were getting anything from 10 to 15 percent increased yield from the GM part of the crop referencing results from the field scale trials on herbicide-tolerant oil seed rape conducted on his UK farm. Given the opportunity, I’d grow it tomorrow. The technology was that good. It seems the farmers are quite confident about this technology but whether the government commands as much of the confidence needs to be seen.

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