Super nutritious food possible with natural milk protein

Researchers at the Technion-Israel institute of Technology have engineered a method for delivering health promoting nutrients with the aid of protein particles which are present in milk in the form of carrier. This could result in low fat or non fat foods which have nutrients present in fat containing foods and could be put to use in enriching foods along with other important nutraceuticals such as antioxidants and vitamins. The researchers at the Technion Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering undertook study of the casein micelles. Vitamin D was encapsulated in the micelles. Dr. Livney along with his team member created a solution without micelles with the aid of soluble casein and when Vitamin D was added it bound to the casein and further when phosphate and calcium was added to the vitamin D enriched casein it led to the protein getting reorganized into micelles which enriched it with loads of vitamin D. It is expected that this could help in the improvement of a person’s diet without requiring any change in the eating habits.

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