SmartPower energy drink can negate side effects of caffeine

A new SmartPower energy drink has been introduced by Smart Energy Enterprises which has got special ingredients that can totally change the manner in which the central nervous system processes caffeine hence eliminating the side effects caused due to it. The energy drink has been prepared on basic medical principles. This drink treats caffeine just like medicine and adds additional ingredients for negating the side effects of caffeine. Mark Michael Lewis, CEO of Smart Energy Enterprise stated: Our SmartPower formula enhances the positive experience and counteracts the negative side effects of caffeine. It just feels better, both while the drink is active, and when the caffeine wears off. Let me tell you that caffeine is regarded as one of the popular legal stimulant and almost ninety percent of the American adults consume it in some form or the other and this drink is expected to negate its effect. This drink has been prepared on the basis of fifteen years of research. I will try it for sure.

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