Row over Genetically Modified Papaya in Thailand

The Thai agriculture department has landed in a soup. It has been sued by the Greenpeace for contaminating Thai farms with GM papaya. It wants the guilty officials to be punished for illegally distributing GM papaya seeds to farmers across Thailand. Thailand has been pushing GMO research for improving the crops but environmentalists are not pleased and they stated that these seeds caused the violation of the rights of consumers and farmers and had a damaging effect on the environment. This was also a violation of the 2001 law which banned field trials of genetically modified organisms. Thailand’s Human Rights Commission said in September that the genetically modified seeds had spread to one third of 31 papaya orchards in four provinces they surveyed in July. This law had banned all GMO field trials and the current law prevents publicly any sale of GMO seeds and requires labeling of products containing more than five percent of genetically modified ingredient.

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