Rabies vaccine could be effective against HIV virus

Rabies vaccine which is used for treatment of dog bite could be effective against HIV virus too. Jefferson Medical College researchers are using a weakened rabies virus for vaccination against AIDS. The starting tests have revealed that this vaccine could inhibit the development of HIV. The study which was conducted for two years after vaccination showed that it offered protection against the disease even after being attacked with a dangerous animal human virus. Researchers used the rabies virus vaccine on the assumption that it would result in a stronger response from the immune system of animals. Dr. Schnell Schnell, Professor, Jefferson University stated: We still need a vaccine that protects from HIV infection, but protecting against developing disease can be a very important step. The scientists stated that this technique was quite a possibility but a big question which still needs to be answered is whether the vaccine would work in case of humans too? Lets hope for the best. Via biologynews

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