New, deadlier single cell-targeting cancer therapy developed

While cancer can be prevented by changing major preventable causes and elements of one’s lifestyles, be it tobacco use, physical inactivity, obesity or poor nutrition, it also has got several curative procedures. But, most of the procedures are cumbersome and expensive. With the number of cancer cases rising across the world, scientists too are confidently all set to embrace newer curative avenues. In such a venture, Rice University scientists have developed a new, innovative and amazingly effective way of curing cancer. They have packaged some of nature’s most powerful radioactive particles inside DNA-sized tubes of pure carbon. This method and package can uncompromisingly target tiny tumors, not even sparing a lone leukemia cell! Once approved, this alpha-particle radiation therapy would be the first and the appropriate approved-method at the single-cell level, as approved therapies using beta particles are not well-suited for treating cancer at such single-cell levels. While, it needs thousands of beta particles to kill a lone cell, the new method can do the same job with a single alpha particle’s hit on a cell nucleus can destroy cancer cells effectively. A ‘nuclear nano-capsule’ is about 4,000 times more massive than the electrons emitted by the commonly used cancer therapy – the beta decay. So, once approved, the new cancer weapon can prove 4000 times more deadly for those cancer cells. Image

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