It is possible to raise exotic Maryland blue crabs in captivity

Who wants those exotic Maryland blue crabs? If you are one of those looking for those crabs then Baltimore researchers have confirmed that these blue crabs could be raised in captivity and that too in a quick manner. The researchers have released around 300,000 tagged crustaceans in the Chesapeake Bay for getting a better understanding of their life cycle. The blue crab population is on a decline and this species is under danger since it has declined by almost eighty percent in the last decade. The research team has been discovering the basic biology of the blue crab. A hatchery could be a better place for garnering more knowledge about the crabs which could ensure better management of the endangered species. The next thing would be to see that the crabs which have been released make a contribution to the breeding stock and finally in the case of second generation crabs DNA test need to be undertaken for maternity. This could help in saving these creatures from the brink of extinction.

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