Indian Prime Minister States Country Needs to Balance GM Fear with Food Security

In order to clear confusion over the field of biotechnology, Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister stated that environmental and health hazards if any posed by GM rice needs to be balanced with the requirement for feeding more than a billion people in the country. Mr. Singh stated: We need to strike a balance between using the potential of biotechnology to meet the requirements of hungry people, while addressing ethical concerns about interfering with nature. He was concerned that rice production in India was stagnating and there was an urgent requirement to increase the production. Rice is a staple diet of people in India and the country requires new means for raising the production of crops in the country. There are some segments in India who see biotechnology as an answer to improving the production in the country whereas some believe that it could harm the country in the long run. Up till now India has not permitted commercial production of GM crops.

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