Has Biotechnology Found Out A Cure For Diabetes?

Are you a diabetes patient? then this news would certainly bring a ray of hope in your life. If Novocell is to be believed then the company might come up with an effective treatment against diabetes. Let me remind you that Novocell is a company which specializes in stem cell engineering. The company claims that it might be possible to repair insulin producing tissues which are affected by diabetes and said that stem cells from embryos could evolve and turn into cells which could provide insulin. If successful this treatment might be available in another three years. Emmanuel Baetge, chief scientific officer, Novocell said: The efficient, reproducible production of human embryonic stem cell derived, insulin producing endocrine cells through a process that mirrors the development of human pancreatic cells represents a critical step towards providing a renewable source of cells for diabetes therapy. This provides a foundation upon which we can build a standardized process for generating functional insulin-producing cells for the treatment of diabetic patients.

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