GM crops receiving subsidy in India

Although most of the world is shunning GM crops but India is convinced by the power of these crops and in order to achieve the benefits government of India has announced a special subsidy package. For this purpose the National Horticulture Board has made an announcement with regards to backed-ended capital investment subsidy for projects dealing with development of genetic modified organisms and bio technology. Similar subsidies have also been proposed for high density plantation. With regard to EOUs priority areas have been defined and though no approval has been granted for GM horticulture crops for commercial cultivation but still a number of them are in the process for approval. Though the government looks convinced but exporters have expressed their apprehension regarding introduction of GM crops and feel that it could have an adverse impact on the exports from the country. Probably the government should apply a wait and watch approach before it goes full steam so that the interests of the country do not suffer.

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