Generic Versions of Popular Biotech Drugs Quite Possible

As a consumer do you feel as if you are a paying a hell lot for your medication? If yes, the soon you will get relief as Democratic control of Congress is expected to support a legislation which will allow generic versions of popular biotech drugs and hence you would see cheaper drugs in the market. When compared with traditional pharmaceutical companies, no federal regulatory system exists for approval of generic versions of biotech drugs. Generally a patent is granted for twenty years Mr.Waxman, Chairman-elect, House Committee on Government Reform stated: Biotech drugs promise life-saving benefits, but at a cost so high, many Americans cannot afford them. He added that the “prospects for passing a generics biologics bill have improved significantly,” and the issue “is one of my highest priorities for the next Congress Certainly patients need some relief from the companies which are charging exorbitant rates for medications.

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