Field Trials of GM Cabbage Could Lead To Increased Resistance among Pests

Field trials of genetically engineered brassicas might lead to an increased resistance among pests. This was claimed by GE Free New Zealand. Researchers have produced GM broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower containing Bt bacteria which is used as a natural pesticide in the organics industry. Dr. Mary Christey, researcher stated that the Bt bacteria only killed the caterpillars which feeded on the brassica plants whereas GE Free New Zealand stated that if the case trial went ahead it would lead to growing resistance to Bt among the insects. On the other hand Dr. Christey negates this claim and states that if the trials get approved they would be closely monitored to prevent pollen transfer to other non GM crops. It seems that GM crops are being shunned every where. This makes me feel what the future of genetically engineered crops is.

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