Farmington Set To Become Home To Biotechnology Businesses

If Farmington’s application to state government program is accepted then in the future it could become a house to biotechnology businesses. The program known as Biotechnology and Health Science Industry Zone (Bio-Zone) program was passed in 2003. Gene Goddard, economic development specialist, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development stated: It is designed to target growth of the bioscience industry. Businesses which take advantage of the program benefit from a close proximity to research centers, such as the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic. It is designed to help consolidate bioscience companies so they can co-locate and share resources The program which was originally implemented in Minneapolis, Rochester and St. Paul saw an expansion during the recent legislative session and now communities such as Moorhead, Worthington and Fergus Falls applied for participating in the program. In the previous month even Farmington City Council voted for enrolling to the program.

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