Embryonic stem cells can repair eyes

A company have claimed that — they have been able to repair the eye site in genetically altered mice using embryonic stem cells to repair damage. Massachusetts based Advanced Cell Technology have stated that they have been able to create blood vessel precursor cells out of stem cells, and are plans to test them in humans. Dr. Robert Lanza, vice president of research and scientific development at ACT, stated we figured out how to produce literally billions of so-called ‘hemangioblasts’ — the mythical cell in the embryo that gives rise to our entire blood and immune system as well as to the blood vessels in our body. We’ve also tested these cells in animals for the first time, and it turns out that they have incredible reparative potential. Their research may lead to the creation of treatments aimed at repairing the eyes of people with certain eye conditions that limit their site. The researchers said they injected hemangioblasts into animals with damaged blood vessels in retinas caused by diabetes or injuries. The cells appeared to have begun repairing the vessels within two days, the study said. The cells demonstrated a similar ability to regenerate blood vessels in rodents with injured hind legs, but seemed to have no effect on healthy vessels. The study is published online on Monday in Nature Methods, a journal of the London-based Nature group. Image Source

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