€3m to support skills development in biotechnology sector

€3m to support skills development in biotechnology sector

The new joint venture

Recently, University College Dublin and Elan came out with a big news which is expected to mark a new beginning in the field of biotechnology. Both of these institutions will be working together on a venture. The highlight of this venture would be its cross linking policy between both the students of business studies and science branch in the university. The venture is expected to use the fusion of application of business studies and that of science including biology and applied engineering.

How will the venture work?

The venture is expected to run for at least seven years and will cost the company more than three million euros. The investment in the university’s new science center will help open two new scholarships (post doctoral ones). And that is not all. Another announcement has been made that lectures will now be organized annually, which will be targeted towards the students of the university, helping them to develop their intellectual abilities.

This groundbreaking initiative will not only be targeted towards the development of both biotechnology and the business associated with it but will also be acting as a juncture that will allow the students of science, business management and medical branch to work together under the common umbrella of Elan.

How will it affect the students?

The people in charge in both the organizations say that the venture will benefit the students at more than one level. On one hand, the venture will allow the students of different branch of studies to work together, and on the other hand, it will allow the students to work with the best in their respected fields. It will also allow the students to learn about the ever changing and risky world of bio technology. Although this is a giant leap for those involved, the success of the venture remains to be seen in time.

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