DuPont goes biotechnology way

DuPont which as of now is the world’s second largest chemical company is adopting biotechnology in its processes. The company has a biofuture vision and is looking forward to achieve economic growth through bio based raw materials. Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Chairman and CEO, DuPont stated: In the 21st century our emphasis will be on using nature’s processes to build sustainable systems and create sustainable products to address global need. He further stated that with growing population there would be an increased demand for energy and fiber and for addressing the needs of sustainability and productivity there is no better tool than biotechnology as per Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security. The subsidiaries of the company are committed towards biotechnology and it has joined hands with Bunge for marketing low linolenic soybean oil. It has also created polymers from renewable resources and Sonora with Bio-PDO will be sold in the market in 2007, also in Ethical Hacking. The company is surely committed to deriving the advantages of biotechnology in its various companies and this may result in a number of companies following the biotechnology trend.

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