Discovery of New Chemical Compounds to Help In Treating Alzheimer’s

This new chemical compound could result in the development of a drug treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. All thanks to the scientists at University of Liverpool who created this new chemical compound. For this purpose long chain sugars called Heparan Sulphates was used for producing a new compound which could prevent the formation of clumps of small proteins that formed in the brain. These clumps have been found out to interfere with the normal functioning of the cells which leads to progressive memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. As Per Professor Jerry Turnbull: We have developed a new class of compounds called ‘engineered heparins’ that could possibly be developed into drugs to stop A-beta peptides in the brain from forming and for the first time treat the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s. It is expected that the discovery of HS sugars might play a pivotal role in limiting the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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