China giving impetus to agricultural biotechnology

In the Asia region China is giving an impetus to agricultural biotechnology and is expected to make an investment more than five times that of today by the year 2010 so that it can offer food security for its population which is rising at a fast pace. By 2020 it is expected that population of China would touch 1.5 billion and since it has just seven percent of the world’s arable land it has to deal with the problem of feeding lots of mouth. By increasing its research in GM food products the country hopes to decrease its dependency on other countries for meeting its food requirements. It is expected that China would quadruple its investment in the arena of agricultural biotechnology for meeting the rising food demand for its people. It is expected that China could even give established biotechnology companies such as Monsanto a run for its money too. Looks like China would surely beat others in the biotechnology race.

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