Brain Cells Derived from Stem Cells Can Improve Parkinson’s Condition

Researchers have found out that brain cells resulting from human embryonic stem cells resulted in the improvement of conditions of rats suffering from Parkinson but a problem was faced with regards to the eruption of brain tumor. After coming across this problem researchers are working to find a solution for it. This was found out by researchers of the University of Rochester Medical Center. Steven Goldman, professor at the University said: The results are a real cause for optimism. These animals with severe Parkinson’s symptoms had a dramatically improved outcome after treatment. Now we have a new problem to work on, how to achieve the same benefit without creating tumors. But we expect to be able to solve this problem within the next year or two, using new approaches to cell sorting that we’ve been developing This seems to be an important development and if the researchers can come out with a solution for this problem then they certainly have treatment in hand for Parkinson.

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