Biotechnology, for the Upcoming Generations: Commercial Potential of a Complete for Profit and Growing Industry

Commerce is understood as any activity that creates wealth. For the past few decades, Biotechnology has been seen as an industrial means to generate wealth, most likely by adopting a ‘buying-selling’ model. Well!Biotechnology¬†, in purest understanding, intends to tap a living process, most likely through gene manipulation, for contributing, directly or indirectly, towards improving the quality of human life. In the spate of economic struggle, states and corporations have started seeing Biotechnology as a core idea, systematized in a larger commercial cum industrial procedure for producing goods, to be sold for profit.

The Biotechnology products

Insulin has long been used by medics to control Diabetes. The recombinant protein is obtained from insulin secreting cultures, transformed through microbial bio techniques. As a matter of fact, some other approved products including antibiotics, fermented beverages, enzymes, bio degradable plastic etc. Are popularly used and now socially accepted. A longer list of newly researched products, still under development as a product line, is much waited for being introduced in the fast growing markets of developing nations. Moreover, the goods in this case are just not limited to be lifeless. The latest version of advancement through Biotechnology is to produce, in large-scale, germ plasm that grows into plant and live stock which is disease resistant and better yielding.

The sociopolitical resistance

People still have hunger pangs while food security bills are lingering in the Parliament. About a situation, when new concepts face allegations and non acceptance, there is nothing new. Genetically Modified food is often dismissed for harboring polluted DNA, once out for cultivation, would have no control from becoming promiscuous with the ‘natural’ variety. But why do we not resist the chemicals we have used for decades to voraciously grow crops and often ripen them artificially, with the same zest.

Well, the answer lies with us i.e. We dare to use the modern technology or bow before the conservative and orthodox methods. This is a fascinating field that has grown by leaps and bounds. Hence, we should look forward and seeing the advantages adopt Biotechnology with open hands.

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