Biotechnology industry on the upswing: Aeterna Zentaris and Elite Pharmaceuticals to benefit

Early stages of the year 2012 have resulted into a great beginning for the entire biotechnology industry. This has led to a whooping increase in the NASDAQ Biotechnology index, which is currently 80% higher than before. The industry is recovering really fast from the previous economic crisis. An increase in the funding for the biotech industry has been recently reported by the GIA (Global Industry Analysts). Various investing opportunities in the field of biotechnology, equity researches in the field of Elite Pharmaceuticals and Aeterna Zentaris Inc., have been put forth by the Paragon report.
GIA has come up with a wonderful prediction of a whooping US$320 billion increase in funding for research and development by the year 2015. This includes expansion of this industry in medical sciences as well as agriculture. There are various government initiatives in the pipeline which would help in driving growth in this industry. GIA further explains that various developing industry markets like China and India can emerge as useful industrial and agricultural biotechnology markets, as they have witnessed increase in income levels and population. These countries are developing into a great hub for biotech drugs as they come with a great and rich talent pool and reduced cost of investments. This was recently stated by GIA in a press release. Various oral sustained and controlled drugs and products have already been developed by Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc. The strategy of Elite focuses on bringing in various partner companies in the product management life cycle. This has led to a vast improvement of various off-patent products of drugs. It was only during the last week that Elite announced its initial shipment of the drug methadone hydrochloride (10mg tabs) to one of its wholly owned subsidiary,The Pharma Network, LLC, as well as Ascend Laboratories, LLC. This was done in regards with the commercial manufacturing and supply agreement. Aeterna Zentaris has developed various drugs for oncology researches. It has also proven quite beneficial for investigating treatments for different cancers like multiple myeloma, ovarian, colorectal, bladder and prostrate cancers.

The paragon report for such investigations and upswings in biotechnology has been compensated by various third party organizations for advertising requirements.

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