Biotechnology in a Quarry

For nearly a century the limestone miners made their living by working in the Southern Indiana’s cave country. Times have changed now and this rock quarry has now been turned into a warehouse. In this bottomless maze the air is chilly and damp. There are roads that connect 12 large chambers. Some of these chambers are being used by the US military to store ready to eat meals. The place is also being used by tire companies to store their supplies because of the stable temperature conditions. One of the rooms in this quarry is being used to grow corns. The room is a hot one with the temperature constant at 82 degrees. With the help of biotechnology gene sequence from a different species or an unrelated plant can be inserted into corn. As the corn grows the protein can be harvested and used for vaccine or a drug. The plants can be used to make life saving compounds for diseases like cystic fibrosis or diabetes or cancer.

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