Biotechnology Ends Your Waiting Time at Doctor’s Clinic

Do you like being kept waiting for your appointment despite the fact that you have reached the clinic on time? Certainly not and to add to your woes the receptionist at the clinic gives the same old answer, ‘Please wait for sometime, the doctor is busy’. In order to overcome this trouble, a new biometric technology has been installed at the University of Manitoba, Canada which would enable orthodontic patients to sign in with their fingerprints. Now the receptionist is out of the picture and all the patient need to do is touch a fingerprint keypad on the front desk and the message directly reaches the workstation of the doctor informing him that the patient is waiting. In case a patient has been waiting for more than fifteen minutes, the doctor would be informed that the patient has been waiting for a longer duration of time. This would certainly end the irritation of patients who are forced to wait for a longer duration of time at the clinic in order to meet the doctor.

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