Biomarker Based Tests to Improve Diagnoses of Gastric Cancer

In 2005 around 22,000 new cases of gastric cancer surfaced in America and 11,000 patients died from this disease itself. In most of the cases the disease is discovered only during the advanced stages and methods currently being deployed for detecting this disease are mainly image based and quite expensive which has caused low compliance among the general population. A biotechnology company named Miraculins is conducting validation studies for its gastric cancer biomarkers. The gastric cancer diagnostic research program was announced in the month of September and the validation study is being undertaken in order to confirm the diagnostic relevance of the markers which were detected during an earlier discovery phase study. Dr. Jim Charlton, President, Miraculins said: A simple blood based test for diagnosis of gastric cancer does not exist, and that is why we are so excited about these promising biomarkers. Our validation study is an important research milestone on the road to making a significant contribution to early detection of this disease. It is expected that these biomarker based tests would improve the diagnosis of gastric cancer.

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