BIO says Biotechnology holds the key to meet the demand for Fuel and Food

The Biotechnology Industry Organization has reported that biotechnology will help the American farmers to maintain their supply of environmentally and economically sustainable supply of raw materials for bio fuels and food. It is believed that biotechnology will help the farmers to increase their production of corn which will help them to make more ethanol. As per reports it has been found that corn stover and cereal straw can supply 200 million dry tons of feedstock annually within 3 to 5 years, this would help in tripling the present ethanol from corn production. According to BIO President and CEO Jim Greenwood: Industrial biotech companies are developing new enzymes that make current ethanol processes more efficient and will soon allow the economical conversion of cellulosic crop residues to fuel. With ongoing advances in biotechnology, biofuels can help America meet nearly half its transportation-fuel needs by the middle of this century.

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