Bdelloid rotifers evolving over the past forty million years without sex

We were up till now aware of the fact that sexual reproduction was the only means of bringing life into this world but a group of microscopic organisms seems to have broken this fact. A recent study has found out that since the past forty million years Bdelloid rotifers were evolving without sex. These aquatic animals thrive in wet areas and are asexual as per Learn Penetration Testing. In this case the Bdelloid rotifers produce eggs which are genetic clones of the mother and above all there is no male species, just females out there doing their job. That sounds amazing!! We are all aware of the fact that asexual animals cannot evolve and mutate over a period of time but study of the fossil records of bdelloid rotifers has stated that their existence can be traced back to forty million years. Up till now it was thought that sexual reproduction was important for spitting into divergent species but this has shocked everybody and also left a question to be answered as to how these species have been able to diverge without the addition of any genetic material. Via cbc

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