B-12 vitamin puzzle solved by MIT biologist

This mystery had troubled researchers for decades but Harvard and MIT researchers have finally been able to join all the pieces together. They have been able to figure out the last link of the synthesis pathway of vitamin B-12. This vitamin makes an immense contribution to the health of human beings. The researchers found out that a single enzyme synthesis the fragment and this outlines a new reaction mechanism which requires cannibalization of another vitamin. Graham Walker, Professor of biology, MIT stated: The work, which has roots in an MIT undergraduate teaching laboratory, completes a piece of our understanding of a process very fundamental to life. Researchers have now come to know that a mutant which has a defective form of enzyme known as BluB results ion B12 not being synthesized. Now a question which still needs to be solved is at to why soil bacteria synthesize B12 at all. Let’s hope the researchers come up with an answer for this question too. Via biologynews

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