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First biogeneric therapeutic protein introduced

One of the most common diseases affecting the central nervous system is multiple sclerosis. Up till now interferon-beta was found out to be effective in reducing the progress of the disease and the relapse rate. Fraunhofer laboratory’s therapeutic protein has become the first protein to get the approval as a biogeneric medicine. Human protein was successfully cloned into a suitable expression vector which led to the production of natural protein by stable transfection in a mammalian cell line. Developed as a pilot, under it the company developed both the fermentation as well as the downstream processing which led to the creation of a highly purified protein. The protein was identified by sequencing of amino acid and this led to antiviral effects

Did you have genetically engineered eggs for breakfast?

Start having genetically engineered eggs for your breakfast as they can help in offering protection against cancer. The protein in these special eggs can help in creating cancer fighting drugs. The credit for these eggs goes to Roslin Institute which claims that it has developed five generations of eggs containing life saving proteins. Professor Harry Griffin, Director, Roslin Institute said: The idea of producing the proteins involved in treatments in flocks of laying hens means they can produce in bulk, they can produce cheaply and indeed the raw material for this production system is quite literally chicken feed. This can help in developing cheaper cancer fighting drugs but testing on human beings is still quite far off. Besides cancer this can protein can also help in fighting other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and malignant melanoma. If human trials turn out to be successful then these eggs can be surely helpful in eradicating cancer from planet earth.

Bring back youthfulness on your skin with genetically engineered anti-aging cream

Worried about wrinkles on your skin and can’t stand them? You are not the only one facing this problem as millions of women around the world are struggling with it. Now here comes DermaLastyl-B which is being regarded as the first anti aging face cream which can help in addressing the inability of the body to replenish the quality of declining skin. Tests conducted with this cream showed that DermaLastyl-B if applied daily helped in offering protection against elastin loss coming with the normal aging process. If applied during adulthood it can help in maintaining the level of elastin in the skin. It is a gentically engineered human elastin precursor which can help in restoring the elastic properties of the skin and therefore prevent the use of botox injections of painful cosmetic surgery for this purpose. DermaLastyl-B comprises of a complex chain of more than six hundred amino acids which can help in preventing the onsets of wrinkles.

Agriculture is the biggest beneficiary of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has certainly had an important effect on the world of biotechnology and has contributed to a number of fields but one of the biggest gainers from biotechnology is the agriculture sector. Biotechnology has helped in improving the productivity of commodity crop and bring stability in the agriculture arena. Biotechnology has certainly helped agriculture in fighting diseases, pests and unfavorable climatic conditions in the world of agriculture. Though biotechnology has contributed a lot to agriculture but most of the contribution has been besotted by controversies and there has always been an air of suspicion. Various countries and their people have opposed biotechnology but we need to consider the fact that this particular technology would change the face of agriculture completely in the days to come. Now people need to start trusting this technology if they want to derive the best out of it.

Will cloned food get organic label?

FDA has given the approval for cloned milk and meat but this has raised a number of questions among the people. Some experts believe that cloned food should be labeled as organic food only if it has been raised in an organic way. On the other hand some people are not quite happy with the fact that cloned food should be awarded an organic label. This debate will continue until an advisory panel comes up with a solution on this issue but most of the people believe that opponents would emerge victorious in this debate and the word organic clone would be included soon. This would not be an easy job and it would be quite difficult to regulate this science since it keeps on changing. Jerry Redding, USDA spokesman said: The Agriculture Department spent years crafting a definition of ”organic,” integrating the advice of record-breaking 50,000-plus public comments. But even after all that the issue of clones ”really never came up internally or externally until the FDA made its announcement about cloned animals being safe Let’s see how far the debate goes, till then wait and watch!!

Bacteria responsible for stomach ulcers existed sixty thousand years ago too

Believe it or not but the bacteria which is responsible for some of the most painful stomach ulcers was present in the human digestive system even sixty thousand years ago. The researchers carried out a comparison between the DNA sequence patterns of human beings and Helicobacter pylori bacteria and were amazed to find out that genetic differences between human populations which surfaced when they moved from Eastern Africa were found in Helicobacter pylori. Genetic analysis was combined with computer simulation for arriving at these findings. The linking of humans and ulcer causing bacterium has shown that even in primitive times human beings suffered from this bacterium and has now opened up new avenues for getting a clear understanding of the human migration. This has also enabled to answer some of the controversial questions which were troubling human minds for quite some time.

India develops dipstick test for dengue

Detection of dengue in human beings is expected to get easier and even countries lacking proper medical facilities will be able to benefit from it. Researchers from India have developed a low cost dipstick for detection of dengue in human beings which has crippled countries in South America and Southeast Asia in the past few months. Dengue is caused due to the bite of mosquitoes. For using this dipstick no high skills are required and in case a patient is suffering from dengue it shows a brown dot when it is dipped in blood containing antibodies against dengue virus. The dipstick has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Establishment but it requires further research for carrying out differential diagnosis with other infections and for producing it economically.

No particular labels for cloned food, says FDA

You are skeptical about consuming cloned food but it might be difficult to distinguish whether the product placed on shelf is cloned or not as FDA has decided that there would be no special labels put on these products as the government states that it has not found any major difference between cloned and conventional livestock. Shocked but don’t worry as in order to sort your confusion the round green USDA organic seal would be used. This label would also imply clone free product. Up till now people have given a mixed reaction whether they would be comfortable with consumption of cloned food or not. We will have to wait for the reaction of people when cloned food reaches the retail shelf and then only the picture would become clear. Also if the government has found no problem in case of cloned food then it should make an effort to popularize it and remove all the misconceptions in the mind of the public.

Artificially created cells can be used for fighting diseases

Artificially created cells can be quite effective and therapeutic for treatment of diseases. Naturally available molecules are used for creating pseudo cell factories where super artificial cells are created that are capable of targeting and treatment of ailments in the body. Since the cell is an efficient system therefore microscopic package of tightly organized parts will be used by researchers for improving medical treatments existing in the body. Philip Le Duc, Carnegie Mellon University said: Understanding both the nature of a cell as an independent unit and its role in the life processes of larger organisms is crucial in our quest to duplicate the molecular units which form the building blocks of the cell and its parts. We see this development of artificial cells as a building block for a variety of new and exciting therapeutic approaches. Molecules pre-existing in the body can be utilized and nanoscale systems must be modified for production of biochemicals deficient in the body for fighting diseases.

With age power boosting signal in muscle declines

If you are aging then you need to probably exercise harder if you would like to stay younger. A report published in Cell Metabolism stated that a signal giving metabolic boost to muscles in response to exercise gets blunted in older people. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) has bee found out to slow down in the skeletal muscle. AMPK in skeletal muscle has been found out to stimulate the oxidate fatty acids and the production of power producing mitochondria. This can help in understanding what happens as we age. Studies have pointed out that when compared with younger people, healthy people in their sixties and seventies exhibited higher incidence of fat build up in their muscles. It has been found that the metabolic capacity is determined by the number of mitochondria within muscles as the mitochondrial composition of fibers in different muscles corresponding to the jobs done.