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Scientific innovation: How biotechnology fits into America’s future

America, the name itself conjures an image of prosperity, high standards of living, a staggering economy, flourishing industries, and everything nice and good. But all these nice and good things were not achieved in a day. It took years of hard work and organization to reach this epoch. Most importantly, this is the fruit of years of continuous research and innovations which have helped this country to surge ahead of the rest in all fields. A few prime gifts of this country to the world includes Internet, and many others as the country gears up to continue its quest to remain not only the most powerful economy but technologically also the country should dig into new found mines of biotechnology. Biotechnology uses micro-organisms and the various biological processes to generate commercially viable bioproducts. At some instances, biotechnology is not used commercially but more importantly just to protect our mother nature and create a greener environment. Continue reading “Scientific innovation: How biotechnology fits into America’s future” »

The importance of Life Insurance

Everyone should have some kind of life insurance. This will protect the family after you pass away. The last thing a family should be doing is cleaning up your financial situation. The amount of the insurance policy should be enough to cover any outstanding debt, pay off utility bills, pay off the home and to bury or cremate the body. It’s hard to swallow pride and go back to work right after losing someone so important to them.

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