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Scientists working on a pill to increase human lifespan

Scientists are working on a pill which could lead to healthier lives and if they succeed it would be possible to increase the lifespan of an average human being by thirty years with the aid of the pill. It is being said that thyroxine hormone can boost metabolism and at the same time lead to a longer lifespan. Tests are being conducted on mice and if the right dose is determined then the life span of human beings would increase by thirty years. The scientists have not been able to figure out the right dose till yet because if thyroxine in high doses is administered it could lead to life threatening health problems. Aberdeen university scientists conducted study on mice and they found out that mice which had a high metabolic rate lived for a longer period of time. It’s just that the right level of thyroxine has not been determined but when the right level is decided it would help human beings lead to a healthy and long life. Via paktribune