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‘Popi Milk’ to prevent stomach ulcers

Agri-Biotech, a Biotechnology company in Western Australia claims that its project called “Popi Milk” can prevent stomach ulcers. The company focuses on Research and Development in the fields of biotechnology, animal husbandry and immunology. It has been researching on making dairy animals produce milk with innate antibodies. As a part of this project, the company wants to immunize cows in South-west Australia with a slow antigen releasing biodegradable implant that can produce antibodies for Helicobacter pylori, a bacteria responsible for causing stomach ulcers. Guan Tay, executive director, Agri-Biotech said: Insulin can be put into biodegradable pellets, so we’ve used the same technology, rather than release a drug or insulin we are releasing an antigen, it allows our technology to be transferred into the paddock and farmers can immunize cattle and induce the production of antibodies. According to him, an Asian company will help them to also cover developing countries in Asia. He says several south-west dairy farmers have expressed interest and that even the other diary animals could be included for immunization. Via: abc.net Images: www.agri-biotechnology.com