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Srinakharinwirot University’s technology detects TB within 60 seconds

Soon it would be possible that doctors can detect tuberculosis within one minute with the help of bio-sensors. Scientists from Thailand based Srinakharinwirot University’s nanotechnology centre are close to develop a new technology, which will diagnose micobacterium tuberculosis within 60 seconds. Biosensor is a technology in which enzymes or antibodies are used to detect sugars and proteins in body fluids, contaminants in water and gases in air. Scientists are widely using biosensors for several medical targets, which are given below: 1) Glucose monitoring in diabetes patients 2) Detection of pesticides and river water contaminants 3) Remote sensing of airborne bacteria 4) Detection of pathogens 5) Routine measurement of folic acid 6) Biotin and Vitamin B12 Kosum Chansiri, associate professor, said, The new technique will be a breakthrough as present day testing methods like culture and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are time consuming and unable to determine accurately if the TB strain is resistant to any drug. While private hospitals in India use PCR, the country’s National TB Control Programme still believes in the sputum microscopy test that takes over two days. The Thai announcement comes after Rapid Biosensor Systems, a Cambridge-based developer, has recently developed a TB breathalyzer, a portable device, which can detect TB in less than 5 minutes. It is expected that soon the trial of the technology is about to start in the UK and India. Dennis Camilleri, the chief executive officer of RBS, said, the system does not require samples to be sent to a lab for analysis, it could potentially be used at airports and seaports to screen people as they enter a country and also enables the screening to be done “while you wait”. Image Credit: MPA & CNR Via: Times of India