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Genetically Modified Grapes Turn Sour in South Africa

GM grapes are caught among protests from winemakers in South Africa. Top winemakers in South Africa are protesting the genetically modified Chardonnay wine as they want the wines to remain ‘pure’. Wine makers are against it as they feel that their original grapes might get contaminated by the GM grape seeds. Called as ‘super grapes’, they are already inside a greenhouse at the University of Stellenbosch and would be grown at the experimental farm of the university. The trials would first be requiring the nod from the government’s Executive Council on Genetically Modified Organisms which would be debating the matter. This is not something different as already there are concerns regarding the genetically modified foods such as soya, maize and cotton which is grown in South Africa. The concern is not regarding whether the technology should be accepted or rejected but whether it is relevant or not and the government must do something in this regard.