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Roundup resistant soybean varieties get a facelift with biotechnology

Soybean is a very important crop and researchers have plans for the next hundred years to work on the genetic code of this crop in order to produce better soybean crop. Already this crop has benefited from biotechnology when roundup resistant varieties were introduced in 1996. The first generation of the crop yielded good results and now it’s becoming a bit difficult to achieve the results of second generation. Monsanto is working around with its technical expertise for creation of second generation roundup resistance varieties and this is expected to improve the productivity with three to five extra bushels per acre. This new crop is expected by the year 2009. This variety would be resistant to Dicamba herbicide. The company is working quite hard to increase the yield of the crop and it’s quite difficult as it is a complex process involving multiple genes but this is expected to bring a drastic change in the productivity of soybeans.