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RNL Enters Into Pact with JHU for Stem Cell Research

A South Korean biotechnology company, RNL Bio has partnered with John Hopkins University scientists for the purpose of conducting research on adult stem cell research. Stem cells have the ability to divide into cell types and can be used for repairing tissues or grown organs. Hopkins was a very big attraction for Hopkins. It is expected that the state would emerge to play a leading role in the area of stem cell research. As per Jeongchan Ra, CEO, RNL: RNL is excited about being able to partner with a top-class university such as JHU and looks forward to collaborating with the world-renowned experts at Johns Hopkins. We believe that this is a tremendous step for us in our goal to become a global leader in the stem cell industry. On the other hand there has been criticism regarding embryonic stem cells from religious groups and people who are opposed to it on ethical grounds.