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Soluble Omega-3 fats for cosmetics developed by Zymes

A water soluble omega 3 fatty acid has been developed by Zymes using nanotechnology for cosmetic applications. Since Omega 3 has got a dense composition of oil therefore at times it becomes difficult for formulating it with other ingredients. Here nanotechnology comes into picture as it offers increased solubility along with bioavailability and particle size reduction at nanometer level which leads to increased opportunities for companies looking to supplement their products with natural functional ingredients. Ubisol-Aqua from Zymes implements nanotechnology for improving the solubility of drugs and ingredients which are water insoluble and hence it becomes difficult for the human body to absorb it. The company has developed an omega 3fatty acid with 34 nanometers which implies that smaller particles could be absorbed easily into the skin or hair shaft of the user. It is also expected to increase the health benefits to the consumers. Via cosmeticdesign