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FDA gives nod to absorbable suture created from nature plastic

FDA has given the green signal to a new type of absorbable suture created from material which has been isolated from bacteria modified by recombinant DNA technology. Called as TephaFLEX Absorbable Suture, it has been developed by Tepha and has been made from designer biomaterials. These sutures are based on a technology which is based on natural materials called polyhydroxyalkanoates or PHA polymers and have been synthesized by various microorganisms. When compared with other polymers these polymers are thermoplastic and hence can be processed like the plastic used as of now. The biomaterials have been developed through proprietary transgenic fermentation process which is similar to one used for producing biopharmaceuticals but results in a very high yield. The company is also looking to incorporate polyhydroxyalkanoates in various implantable medical devices such as vascular grafts and artificial cardiac valves.