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Highly Sensitive Nucleotide Sensor Developed

A highly sensitive nucleotide sensor has been developed by New Mexico Tech researchers which utilizes special light-emitting properties of nanoparticles in identification of individual components of single strands of DNA and RNA. It is quite sensitive and specific and can differentiate a single base mismatch in a 26 base nucleotide target. This is being regarded as an important finding with regards to the study and treatment of a number of genetic based diseases. One of the disease is Sickle Cell Anemia which is caused due to single base mismatch on just one base protein. This new finding might also be used in detection and killing of cancer too.

Imaging Of Blood Vessels with Nanoparticles

Now very soon it would be possible to image blood vessels and destroy malignant cells in a single integrated system. This system has been created by researchers at Stanford University in which nanoparticles have been designed with a dual function and also offers the benefit of being non toxic and water soluble. Consisting of iron cobalt alloy surrounded by a thin shell of graphic carbon, this nanoparticle has a strong magnetic property which offers high magnetic resonance imaging contrast. Having a graphic shell ensures that the iron cobalt core remains protected and gets functionalized besides absorbing near infrared light. This could certainly help in generating localized heat and trigger therapeutic effect which could help in destroying cancer cells.