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Biomedical Research to Be Aided By Mouse DNA

DNA of fifteen mouse strains has been successfully resequenced by researchers which are used in biomedical research. Around 8.3 million SNPs were discovered among the genomes of the fifteen mouse strains. This data would help the researchers in understanding the complex genetic traits and it would help the researchers in deciding as to how environmental agents would be influencing the development of disease. SNPs are single genetic variations which occur within a DNA sequence and as human beings and mice share some fundamental biological and behavioral processes therefore this data would help the researchers in understanding human genetic susceptibility in almost two hundred diseases such as diabetes, reproductive diseases, Parkinson’s, asthma etc. This is a very big milestone as this wealth of data would benefit the research community. David A. Schwartz, M.D, NIEHS stated: Each mouse strain is genetically unique. Now that we know the DNA variations for these mouse strains, we can compare the genetic makeup of one strain that acquires a certain disease to another strain that does not get the same disease. In this way researchers gain insight into the same processes that may cause one human to get a disease while another human in the same environment remains disease-free