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Recycling Cellphones – Most Popular Phones & Expensive Sellers

Mobile phone recycling is {starting to increase in popularity with numerous individuals from around the world, but what mobile phone is selling for the most? And which cell phone is the best selling? Well predictably the iPhone 3G is the most valuable at the moment clocking in at a staggering £350 at MobilePhoneXchange, so if you are in possession of a new Apple iPhone that you no longer use, or just can’t get used to then you could make yourself a quite a bit of money. The most popular phone that can be used for mobile phone recycling at the present time is the Nokia N95 and if you have one that you wish to get rid of you can get up to £118 if you trade it in now at Love2Recycle. So it’s time to dust down your old mobile phones and put some money in your pocket!