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Preserve meats the ‘green way’ using green tea and some wildflower dark honey

Now you can avoid those chemical preservatives used to reduce pathogenic bacteria in meats. Go the ‘green’ way inspite. Extracts from green tea or Jasmine tea do all the magic taking the help of some wildflower dark honey. This scientific non-chemical, organic mixture can reduced Listeria monocytogenes in a turkey breast slice by 10 to 20 percent. Even applied to hot dogs, similar pathogen reductions have been observed. Daniel Fung, the Kansas State University food science professor who supervised the research for the Food Safety Consortium said, Our results indicated that Jasmine tea with honey and green tea with honey had the highest antimicrobial activity. Innovative and impertinent Fung said, We’re thinking of using tea to wash carcasses because of its natural compounds. If you can use tea or honey to wash carcasses instead of lactic acid, you can use a natural compound on the surface of meat.