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Humanization Of the Glycosylation Pathway In Yeast Achieved.

A significant development has been undertaken in the production of therapeutic proteins. The researchers of Dartmouth/GlycoFi have announced the complete humanization of glycosylation pathway in the yeast Pichia Pastoris. Up till now protein based therapies consisted of more than half of all drugs in the development stage and their manufacturing involved living cells which had to be genetically engineered in order to produce the required protein. A process called glycosylation had to be performed in order to attain full function. Till now this required expression of proteins in mammalian cells which have the ability of attaching human like sugar structures. This new study has repeated all the steps of human glycosylation in a yeast cell and has eliminated the need for mammalian cells but the technology has also enabled various advantages over the conventional usage of mammalian cell cultures in form of reduced risk of contamination through pathogens and improved drug performance and efficiency in manufacturing. As per Tillman Gerngross, CSO, GlycoFi: We’ve successfully completed one of the most complex cellular engineering endeavors undertaken to date.