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GM goat-milk brings promise against deadly nerve agents

Of the human-made known chemical warfare agents, nerve agents are among the most toxic and rapidly acting — Sarin and VX being the most effective ones. To counter-nullify these poisons, scientists have come up with a solution. No, it is not simply another drug or chemicals. It is that goat milk which may fall in your everyday diet! Though surprising, this is no ordinary goat milk, but is procured from a herd of genetically modified goats! Yes, scientists have genetically modified goats to make a drug – named recombinant butyrylcholinesterase — in their milk that is capable of fighting against the deadly nerve agents — collectively called organophosphates. The new drug made from the GM goats, is found to successfully bind and neutralize organophosphate molecules – the chemical group that also includes some pesticides used in farming. Thus, the goat milk-drug can also be a medication against this pesticide poisoning. Thus, now goat milk can not just be a curative, but also protective “prophylactic,’ treating people exposed to nerve gas, bringing a big promise in protecting troops against the toxic exposures on the battlefield. Image