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Small Farmers to benefit From Agricultural Biotechnology

A recent research undertaken by US researchers has shown that small farmers in South Africa have certainly gained from genetically modified (GM) maize in a similar fashion as that of large scale cultivators. These revelations are truly opposite of what anti biotech activists have said. They say that GM crops would only benefit the rich farmers. Even a recent Mexican study also claims that agricultural biotechnology would certainly help poor farmers. It’s being said that the GM maize would certainly benefit the farmers as the DNA of the maize would be inserted with a gene from the Newcastle virus and chickens consuming that would be able to produce antibodies against the virus. In developing countries livelihood of a number of families depend on poultry and this maize would certainly benefit them and avoid the need for buying expensive vaccines for their birds. Will it act as a boon or a bane? Time will tell.

Greenpeace identifies genetically modified maize as toxic

Certainly varieties of genetically modified maize developed by Monsanto can harm the liver and kidneys of human beings, this was stated by the renowned Greenpeace which works towards the welfare of the earth planet. The company was well aware about it but it tried to hide the facts in its own publication. In order to bring out the truth, Greenpeace fought a court case in order to get hold of the data and got it analyzed by a team of experts to bring out the truth. The GM maize in question is MON863 which has received an authorization for markets in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, China and U.S but now the situation looks a lot dreary. Independent studies found out that this GM maize exhibited toxicity in liver and kidney and was certainly harmful. It seems that Monsanto would have a tough time trying to defend itself on the issue of this variety of maize.