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GM Potatoes Raise Questions

BASF has stated that it has given an application to Defra for conducting trials of genetically modified blight resistant potatoes in the UK and this has again shifted the attention over the question as to whether or not GM has got a place in UK agriculture. Meanwhile as the deadline for responses to the Government’s GM co-existence consultation comes closer there seems to be a divided opinion as ever. A straw poll on ‘Should we grow GM potatoes in the UK?’ which was conducted by Farmers Guardian showed that the respondents were divided on this question. Also a number of questions have been raised regarding the blight control in the UK. These questions are: Is there blight resistance available in conventionally-bred potato varieties? Is it becoming more difficult and expensive? Are the BASF GM varieties resistant to the A2 blight strain?

Get ready for world’s first genetically modified potato

You love the French fries at Mc Donald’s but do you know that the potatoes which make these mouth watering fries are sourced from Idaho which is known for producing excellent varieties of potatoes. Now in order to add some more punch to the potatoes, an Idaho based company is making efforts towards splicing potato genes for creation of world’s first genetically modified potato which would be even more tastier and resistant to bruises and sprouts. As of now the research is in the preliminary stages and the new potato is the genetically modified Russet Ranger but it would take another five to ten years before which Simplot could sell the GM variety of potato and give a fight to unmodified Russet Burbanks which finds a place in a number of fast food chains worldwide. With consumers a bit skeptical about genetically modified foods, lets see how far this GM potato goes.