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Now genetically modified tobacco plants to answer diabetes

Here is yet another source of the disease-remedy for diabetics – tobacco! The link between tobacco and diabetes may appear bizarre for you. But, when the scientific world conspires for something, it is destined to happen – no matter how unusual it seems to appear initially. Yes, the U.S. scientists are up with arms to develop genetically modified tobacco plants with insulin grown in it — that could be used to prevent diabetes even before symptoms appear! It will also be able to treat the disease in its later stages. But, it’s an excellent idea though, as tobacco is consumed by a person at a regular basis when get narcotic to it – thus, it can easily counter the diabetes much before its emergence without much efforts. Thanks to the biomedical scientists at the University of Central Florida. The tobacco plants are genetically engineered with the insulin gene. Five-week-old diabetic mice are then administered with the freeze-dried plant cells as a powder for eight weeks. To add to the excitement of the scientists, the plant cell-fed diabetic mice were found to have normal blood and urine sugar levels. Their cells were producing normal levels of insulin. But, even if the GM tobacco-insulin proves successful, will it eventually be able to serve the purpose with the stigma being linked with the narcotic? Via: thediabetesblog Image