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Genetic engineering can control Angelman syndrome

Does your child suffer from Angelman syndrome? If yes then it might be painful for you to see your child suffer the neurological problems caused by this disease such as seizures and mental retardation. Researchers have successfully conducted a research on mice and found out that the effects of the disease could be lessened. Researchers were able to reverse neurological deficits in the case of mice by prevention of CaMKIL enzyme which affects the brain as a result. One in fifteen thousand children are affected by this syndrome which leads to limited speech, mental retardation and balance problems. Though at present it might be difficult to apply the finding to human beings but it has pointed to new therapeutic targets for the disorder and these results can be applied broadly to other types of mental retardation too.

Pope lashes out against the concept of designer babies

While talking on pro life issues to a group of experts, Pope Benedict XVI lashed out at genetic engineering and designer babies. Speaking to the group he expressed his views on the issue and condemned in vitro fertilization and diagnostic tests undertaken for the purpose of abortion. Pope stated in his speech: In developed countries, there is a growing interest for the most sophisticated biotechnological research to introduce subtle and extensive eugenics methods in the obsessive search for the perfect child. He was opposed to the methods such as artificial insemination for deciding on the selection of the child and he stated that the right to life was being attacked in countries world over and as a result euthanasia was being promoted. I would probably agree with him on certain issues that we are playing with Mother Nature and this will certainly bring harm to the mankind.

Researchers develop genetic spider silk

Researchers from Germany have gone ahead and developed genetically engineered spider silk. The spider silk is being stated to be more elastic as compared to rubber and is stronger than steel too. In case commercialization is achieved this silk could be used for both technical and medical applications. The researchers of Thomas Scheibel at the Technical University have used genetic engineering for the production of spider silk proteins of European garden spider. The protein was purified using dialysis and fluids were separated in two different fluid phases – in one phase there were protein dimmers and in other oligomers which are multiple protein units linked together. Potassium phosphate needs to be added so that the liquid can be formed into threads. Rather than structural change in protein degree of oligomerization is important for thread formation and very soon an effective spinning process would be formed for production of genetically engineered spider silk. Via monstersandcritics