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Promising Solution Found In Gene Therapy Delivery

University of Colorado and University of Denver scientists are on the verge of finding out a solution to an old mechanical roadblock in the delivery of gene therapy. Dr. Corinne Lengsfeld, Associate professor, University of Denver said: Gene therapy has kind of come to a halt because we can’t get the DNA to the cell efficiently enough to make a difference The team of researchers analyzed as to why oral nebulizers-mist generating devices which forced compressed air through liquid medicine was a failure in delivering therapeutic genes. They have found out that cavitation was responsible for degradation of DNA within the nebulizers and hence the treatment was rendered ineffective when it reached the lungs. They have realized that if the turbulent eddy size was kept bigger than the DNA it would not fragment. This knowledge would be beneficial in developing methods for protecting genes on their way to the targeted cells.

Gene therapy tool developed by scientists for delivering DNA

Gene therapy has been able to create excitement in the world of medicine but it has not been regarded as a feasible therapeutic method up till now. One of the problems being faced is that how one could get right gene into the right area and that too at the right time. In order to tackle this problem, researchers are in the process of developing a tool for dealing with this problem and an ultrathin nanoscale film consisting of DNA and water soluble polymers has been created by researchers which would ensure controlled release of DNA from the surface. The film is created one layer at a time with the aid of dip coating method and since each layer is so thin around ten thousand layers are required for achieving the thickness of one paper sheet. As it turns out, making the DNA-containing films is relatively straightforward but getting the DNA back out of the films is the hard part. Via biologynews