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Biotechnology to solve ethanol problems

A high-profile report released in U.S by Earth Policy Institute had stated that the ethanol industry of U.S might have an adverse impact on grain prices and even cause food riots worldwide but experts from the field of biotechnology have stated that they would never let this happen and fulfill all the requirements for food and fuel. In order to deal with this issue industrial biotech companies are creating new enzymes which would improve the ethanol production process and convert the cellulosic crop residues to fuel in an economic manner. Biofuel is being seen as an alternative fuel which would meet the needs of half of the world in the future. This sector is working hard for increasing the productivity of corn in an economically viable manner and also convert it into ethanol for meeting our increasing fuel requirements. The biotech industry feels that ethanol will not only meet our fuel requirements but also meet the needs of food in an affordable manner and that day is not far off.