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Thailand and Cuba to Co-operate In the Field Of Biotechnology

Thailand is looking forward to co-operate with Cuba on biotechnology which could bring changes in food and herbal studies. Both the countries have entered into an agreement on scientific co-operation in the areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, computer and electronics and materials science. The agreement would enable Thailand to gain from knowledge of Cuba since Cuba is quite advanced in the field of biotechnology as it’s quite rich in biological resources. Prime minister of Thailand is on a visit to Cuba and this visit is expected to open up gates of opportunity for both the countries in exchanging their studies and research. As far as Cuba is concerned it has large variety of plants and cereals which have been developed through biotechnology and in order to gain from the experience of Cuba, Thailand is co-operating with it in this field. With regards to the development Thai scientists have undertaken researches on food and herbal studies in Cuba and in order to gain expertise have also undertaken a visit to Cuba’s Cancer Research Institute. It seems Thailand is all set to develop itself in the field of biotechnology.

Cuba to Help Vietnam in the Field Of Biotechnology

Cuba would be helping Vietnam in designing and building of a biotechnology center and would also be training their staff. Ripoll would be heading a Cuban delegation to the Vietnam-Cuba Intergovernmental Commission for the purpose of Technical, Economic and Scientific Cooperation which would be taking place in Hanoi. The meeting would also be concentrating on IT, Tourism and Biotechnology besides focusing on trade, science, agriculture and technology. It is a well known fact that Cuba enjoys an upper hand in the field of biotechnology and is trying to help out other nations who are trying to make a mark in this field. Biotechnology has a bright future and a number of countries are trying to make advancements in this field.

China and Cuba to Co-operate In the Field of Biotechnology

China and Cuba have entered into an accord for developing products in the area of biotechnology. This accord is expected strengthen the bilateral relations of both the countries in the field of biotechnology. In the field of biotechnology this is the third Cuban-China enterprise. Both the countries would be collaborating in the areas of public health and medication control. Also both the countries would be conducting workshops in the sphere of biotechnology. Certainly both of them stand to gain from this agreement as both have got an expertise in the field of biotechnology and this would further the cause of this technology and ensure further developments.

Cuba Is Working Towards Creating Dengue Vaccine

Cuba is working towards creation of a vaccine which is effective against dengue. The country is developing a number of vaccines which are in the pre clinical trial phase and if it turns out to be success then clinical trials would be conducted on human beings. We must take care of the fact that up till now no vaccine has been developed for treating this vaccine which is of endemic nature in a number of tropical countries. All this was revealed at the final session of the Biotechnology convention which was held in Cuba and already we have seen that a number of countries in Asia had been plagued by dengue which is caused due to mosquitoes. Hopefully Cuba will become the first country to emerge with a dengue vaccine and this all is certainly possible as Cuba is considered as a biotechnology powerhouse.